What time is it Mummy? A craft to save my sanity?!

Craft activity – Making a Clock

A craft clock

Little Mr A has become a little bit obsessed with knowing what time it is recently and constantly asks.  Although he is slowly picking up how to tell the time he struggles with anything other than the actual hour or half past the hour.  Whichever the hand is closet to he says that is the time and can’t understand the concept of, say for instance, 7 o’clock still being 10 minutes away.

I remembered I had a circle of card in our craft stash so I thought it would be a really good idea to sit down with him and make a clock we could practice with.

It was extremely easy to make.  Little Mr A coloured in the clock face with his crayons whilst I made two hands out of thin card.  I then wrote the numbers onto the clock and inserted the hands onto the middle of the clock using a split pin.

PICT0206 PICT0204 PICT0207 PICT0205 PICT0208 PICT0209

On the back I have written the numbers again, this time with what amount either past the hour or too the hour it is.  The intention is that he can either look at the clock in the kitchen and work out from his clock what time it is or we can practice with the other side of the clock.

Helping my son learn to tell the time

He does understand what the two different hands mean so I’m hoping within a couple of weeks I will have a little boy who can tell the time all by himself and I will stop hearing ‘What time is it Mummy’ every 5 minutes!


15 thoughts on “What time is it Mummy? A craft to save my sanity?!

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    • It’s one of those things that I’m not sure what age they are supposed to learn but thought I would give it a try and it is working, a little!

  2. Great idea! Looks really easy to make! We got a clock from ELC that is has the quarter past and quarter to etc on it. Z can tell the time but often gets the to the hour confused and prefers to say it is 40 minutes past 1.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…I Made This #TheGalleryMy Profile

    • Thanks, it was very easy to make, I am not particularly imaginative so it had to be!!

  3. Making a clock sounds like a great idea – especially with the descriptions next to each number. Looks like he’s having a great time!

    How are you teaching telling the time? Do you do the hour hand first, then the minute hand, or the other way around. My wife and I do it differently. Then again, she’s Dutch and says “half two” when we’d say “half one”. Very confusing!
    Paul Wandason recently posted…A Special StatusMy Profile

    • Thanks! LOL sounds confusing for your poor little one! I do the minute hand first then the hour as that’s the way I would say it :)