Review – Karcher Steam Cleaner

I have been after a steam cleaner for ages so when I was offered one to review I couldn’t wait for it to arrive and get cleaning!


Cleaning is not one of my favourite chores but with two children, a husband and a dog it is a necessary and non-stop evil!  Now Little Miss A is learning to crawl I want to make sure the house, particularly the floors, are as clean as possible and anything that can make my life easier in completing that is a must have.

When the cleaner arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how many attachements there were.  There were attachments for cleaning the floor and glass together with small brushes and attachements to get into the harder to reach places.  I tried to read the instructions on how to put it together but they were quite difficult to understand so I had a play about and managed to figure out on my own how the attachments fit onto the cleaner – it was fairly straightforward and did not take me long at all.

To use the cleaner you simply fill the removable tank with water up to the ‘max’ line, switch on the unit and wait around 6 minutes for it to get up to temperature.  The light on the switch will flash until it is ready to use when it changes to being constantly lit.  When the unit is running out of water it beeps and another light will show up on the unit.  I found that I could clean quite a large amount before needing to refill the tank.

The first task I set to once the cleaner arrived was our en-suite.  The shower was looking a bit manky around the edges as were the taps.  I am not a big fan of cleaning bathrooms and will admit that I probably don’t always give it my full attention!  I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the dirt and grime was removed by the steam.  Although it perhaps took a little more effort than I was at first expecting, it was certainly a lot easier than having to scrub at it with a cloth (or toothbrush!) and definitely removed more of the dirt.  The big thing I noticed upon re-entering the bathroom later on that day was how clean and fresh it smelled.  I assumed, not using any cleaning product, there wouldn’t be a noticeable ‘clean’ smell, however, it smelt fresher and cleaner than I usually notice.











My next job was the oven!  I must admit this is one job I put off until I really cannot bear to leave it any longer.  I also find it so time consuming having to leave oven cleaner to soak in and then give it a good scrub and clean.  With the glass attachement on the cleaner I set to work.  Again, it took more effort than I thought it would but I think you can see from the results below it was definitely worth it.  Again, the fresh smell was really noticeable when opening the oven later on that day.  I still marvel at how clean it is now when I come to use it!  (The pictures don’t really do justice to how much cleaner it is unfortunately).

PICT0014 PICT0016

I also did our laminate flooring with the cleaner which worked really well and was incredibly easy to do.

The cleaner is also great for cleaning outdoor items such as toys/tables etc.  Having just retrieved all of Little Mr A’s toys from the garage/bunker/playhouse, some of them were in serious need of attention as they were filthy and unusable.  Usually I would have to spend a good amount of time scrubbing the items with a bucket of water and a sponge, however, the steam cleaner made light work of removing the dirt and Little Mr A was even able to have a go using the cleaner himself to clean his toys.









The other items I have used the cleaner on were Little Miss A’s highchair (after a rather messy pudding of angel delight that went everywhere!) and also her tuff spot after messy play.  It worked amazingly well on both and I felt that the items were left very clean.  I am also happier not having to use any kind of chemical cleaner on her highchair as I am always a little paranoid that I will not get it all off and she may get some on her hands and subsequently in her mouth, steam is a great way to get things really clean without having to use any chemicals.

As Little Mr A would say, here is some official ‘blurb’ about the Karcher steam cleaners and why they are so good….

For environmentally-friendly, quick and convenient cleaning, Kärcher’s new range of steam cleaners are the ideal solution to all your home cleaning needs.  Kärcher, have expertly designed their range of steam cleaners to revolutionise home cleaning, tackling even the most stubborn of stains with professional results and abolishing the need for hours of endless scrubbing!  Kärcher’s steam cleaners can be used throughout the house and are engineered to clean deeper without chemicals, making them a natural and environmentally-friendly solution that provides a family-friendly alternative from chemical cleaners that aggravate allergies and are harmful to children.

The range of steamers are proven to cut through everyday dirt and stains to leave your surfaces sparkling in seconds, making light work of tough, baked-on oven grease, stubborn carpet stains, limescale and mould on bathroom tiles as well everyday dirt on laminate floorings.

The cleaner we were sent was the SC 2.500C model which includes a removeable and refillable tank for non-stop steam.  The RRP is £229.99 which I do think is a lot, however, for the amount of different tasks you can perform with the cleaner and the results you can achieve, I do think it is worth the money, particularly if you have children and don’t want to use so many chemicals around the house.

I am certainly a convert to steam cleaning and can see the cleaner getting a lot of use!

Disclaimer – For the purpose of this review I was sent the Karcher SC 2.500C steam cleaner free of charge.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own and all photos used were taken by me and are not to be used without my permission.

6 thoughts on “Review – Karcher Steam Cleaner

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  2. I keep toying with the idea of a steam cleaner but I saw a few reviews for the Morphy Richards one and it got a pretty bad write up so then I got worried about parting with my money. The Karcher sounds pretty good, I love your thorough review :)
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    • Thanks! It really is very good, there are smaller cheaper ones available too if you didn’t want to fork out for the bigger one. :)

  3. Okay this may be a bit of a weird q but how do u actually use it, is it like a hoover nozzle kinda thing and u just take it around and blast everything with the steam?? i always hear people mention but dont quite get how it works, even looking at the pics
    but have to say – it is sounding quite good! I am tempted, wish it was a bit cheaper though

    • Yes basically – you attach the pipes and it has a handle with a trigger. You squeeze the trigger and steam comes out. There is a cheaper version available that does the same job but I don’t think the steam tank is removable – they are really good :)