Renewing my skin with HealGel

Now I have hit (and am well past!) the big 3-0 the time has come for me to start thinking about looking after my skin more, particularly on my face where I am starting to show a few signs of ageing.

I was asked if I would like to try HealGel cream.  I had seen a couple of good reviews for their Eye cream over on Over 40 and a Mum to One’s BlogThe Brick Castle and ET Speaks From Home so thought it would be a great way to start my pursuit for younger looking skin!

What is HealGel?

HealGel Face cream

HealGel Face is an anti-ageing formula designed to smooth, firm and replenish to give instantly plumper, revitalised looking skin.  The cream contains powerful peptides and biodynes to initiate a uniquely soothing and collagen boosting process.  HealGel Face also contains a unique blend of Omega Oils to help replenish dehydrated skin and restore elasticity.

What did I think?

When the HealGel arrived I liked the look of the packaging.  It was simple but contained all of the information needed.  It looked like a premium product.

HealGel Face Cream

I put some of the cream onto my hand to see what the texture and feel of the cream was like.  The cream absorbed very well into my skin and didn’t feel greasy at all.

HealGel Face Cream

I have been using the cream on my face for around a month now and can definitely see a big improvement in the fine lines on my forehead.  A little goes a long way so, even though I have been using it twice a day, there is still plenty left in the bottle for another couple of months worth of applications.

Whilst on holiday, Big Mr A got a little sunburnt and the only cream we had was the HealGel Face cream (well we weren’t expecting Bognor to be that sunny!).  He applied a little cream to his burnt patches and commented on how well it soothed his skin.  The redness certainly seemed to go down very quickly.

Overall I am very impressed by the HealGel Face cream and I will certainly be looking into replacing it when the bottle runs out.  Priced at £48.00 for a 50ml bottle this seems to be in keeping with other premium creams of this nature.  Usually I wouldn’t even consider spending this much on a face cream, however, having seen the results for myself, and how long the cream is lasting, I certainly think it is worth the investment.


Stay at Home Mum to two children - Little Mr A born in 2008 and Little Miss A born in 2012. Blogging my way through dirty nappies and school runs!

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Stay at Home Mum to two children - Little Mr A born in 2008 and Little Miss A born in 2012. Blogging my way through dirty nappies and school runs!

7 thoughts on “Renewing my skin with HealGel

  1. I’m still searching for the perfect face cream. I don’t want to look like a crinkly 70 year old but I’m not happy about looking like a spotty teenager either lol. I always seem to get break outs with anti ageing cream. Will track this one down and maybe give it a try :-) x
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