A day of Christmas Magic

Today we have had a very Christmassy day (well it is the 1st December and Big Mr A couldn’t wait any longer!).  It started at 8 o’clock this morning when Little Mr A opened the first door on his Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar and made a Droid (very Christmassy, hey!).

We then set off for Santa’s Steam Adventure at the York Railway Museum.  After getting stuck in horrendous traffic we finally made it and went to the restaurant for some lunch and a Christmassy snack of Christmas Tree Biscuits and Mince Pies.


After a quick wander around the rest of the museum it was our turn to visit Santa.  Before you get to meet the big man himself the children have to help sort out all of the letters to Santa.  This involved much excitement and running around gathering up the envelopes and putting them in the sacks and postbox!

Once the hard work was done it was time to hop onto the steam train, Teddy, get snuggled up under a blanket and listen to a story/poem.

Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum

To help find Santa we all then got given some bells (yes, adults too!) and had to sing Jingle Bells at the top of our voices so that Santa knew we were there waiting for him.

Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum

Then he arrived!  All of the children then took it in turns to go and sit with him to let him know what they wanted for Christmas before getting a lovely present each.

It was very magical and I’m really glad we decided to go.  Little Mr A was mesmerised and Little Miss A enjoyed herself too.  I really want to make the most of these special moments before Little Mr A stops believing!

Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum Santa's Steam Adventure York Railway Museum

When we got home (after a thankfully easier journey!) it was time for a bath and then to put up the tree.  Much excitement ensued with decorations everywhere, however, I think the tree looks lovely this year.  It is great to have an excuse to put lots of family and children decorations up and the tree is full of teddies and homemade decorations with not a bauble in sight – I love it!

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    • It’s a great place to visit him isn’t it. I couldn’t be doing with a eeal one so we spent a lot getting a nice artificial one instead!

    • I would have preferred to wait really but the male members of the house just couldn’t wait any longer!

    • The excitement is getting to ridiculous levels already and this has made things 10x worse but it was definitely worth it!

    • It took us about that long to get there even though it shouldn’t! I would highly recommend it it was great fun

    • Ah that sounds lovely too. I’m very sorry, you are right, of course they are allowed to celebrate :p