A change of play

Since Little Mr A has gone back to school I’ve notice a huge difference in Little Miss A’s playing skills.  Maybe this is because I have more time to spend with her on her own without a boisterous 5 year old jumping around!

Before the summer holidays she wasn’t showing much interest in any toys preferring to put them in her mouth for a chew instead of actually playing with them!  If I sat on the floor with her she would rather climb all over me than sit next to me and play.

Over the past week she has really changed.  Now when I sit on the floor with her she will sit next to me with her toys and play.  She will push cars around and put the Happy Land people in cars and houses (rather than her mouth!).  She is also showing a big interest in a baby ‘tablet’ she has that makes lots of noises and music.  She is starting to learn which buttons do what and has learnt which button to press to play music so she can have a little dance!

A few months ago we bought her a little kitchen which had a shape sorter and played some sounds.  Up until now this has been used as something to hold onto to stand up, she has never played with it properly.  Last week I sat down with her again and showed her how to play with it properly.  Quite quickly she picked up where the different shapes were ‘posted’ and how to make the different sounds go off.  She is really enjoying playing with this now and will often sit by herself playing with it.

There are other toys she is starting to get the hang of now too like the wooden Noah’s Ark shape sorter that belonged to Little Mr A and the hammering bench.

She is also loving her pink teddy at the moment.  The past couple of days she has not been feeling herself and he has not left her side!

2013-09-04 07.51.09

The next thing I want to get her using properly is books.  Although she will bring them to me, she doesn’t have the attention span to sit and listen to it the whole way through yet.  It was one thing I loved to do with Little Mr A when he was young and I would love to start reading properly with Little Miss A too.

It is lovely to watch her change and grow all the time, there always seems to be something new every week at the moment!

12 thoughts on “A change of play

  1. This is lovely and you have some great photos to remember it. I love that she has attached herself to a teddy. We are only just seeing a change of ‘play’ in Ethan, I know watching the other children at nursery has really helped.

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    • It does help doesn’t it – Little Mr A came on leaps and bounds when he started so I must admit to being slightly concerned how much Little Miss A will pick up just being at home, it will be interesting to see the difference

    • It’s so nice to watch isn’t it and I’m so pleased I have my blog to write it all down – I look forward to reading your post when it’s written!