Carddies – A great activity to keep little ones entertained!

Review of Carddies – Cardboard People to Colour and Go!

A short while ago Little Mr A was sent some Carddies.  You may be wondering (as I did the first time I heard of them!) what on earth they are!  Well, Carddies are described as ‘People to Colour and Go’ and this is exactly what they are!

Carddies - Cardboard People to Colour and Go Carddies - Cardboard People to Colour and Go

Made in the UK, Carddies are cardboard people who come in a box with crayons and a background ready for your child to colour in, make up a story, then play with!  There are many sets already available including Ballett, Cavemen, Fairies, Families, Football, Knights, London, School, Sports, Nativity and Farm, plus more sets are planned!  There is something to suit every taste!

Carddies - Cardboard People to Colour and Go

Little Mr A was sent the Football set and he has spent the last few weeks colouring in his Carddies ready to ‘play’ football with them.  It is definitely a toy he has kept coming back to to do a little more of here and there.  He has had a great time colouring in the shirts in different team colours and has been naming them all after his school friends!

When the Carddies arrived I was very pleased with the quality of not only the card people but also the crayons that came with the set.  I usually find when you receive crayons with toys they are very cheap and don’t last long, however, these are great quality and have been lasting very well.

Once you have coloured in the Carddies the idea is to play with them!  The set Little Mr A received came with a ball and stands for all of the people.  Because they all fit back into the box they are also great for taking away and Little Mr A took them on holiday with him.

They are available to buy from the Carddies store on Amazon and there are a list of stockists on the Carddies website here.  Priced at £8.99 I think they are great value for money.  They have kept Little Mr A entertained for hours on and off and for the quality I think the price is great.

I think Carddies make a great rainy day activity for your child but would also be a great stocking filler or birthday present for your child’s friend.  Not being particularly imaginative when it comes to craft projects, it is great for Little Mr A to have something craft related to do that comes ready prepared!

Overall we love Carddies and would highly recommend everyone give them a try!


Disclaimer – For the purpose of this review we were sent a pack of Carddies free of charge.  All opinions are honest and my own and all photographs were taken by me and are not to be used without my permission.

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    • Yes I think they need to be into colouring properly really – well I suppose it wouldn’t matter too much but I like to see things done properly!

    • Mmmm I may have done one or two :) I couldn’t resist and obviously to ensure I could review properly I had to use it myself!