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K is for… #alphabetphoto
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K is for… #alphabetphoto


Linking up with Charly over at PODCast and the #alphabetphoto project.

K is for Kenya…


In 2007 I visited Kenya with my sister, Mum and Stepdad.  We went on a great safari staying in some amazing hotels overlooking the wildlife and, when we returned, my Mum and Stepdad got married at the hotel we were staying at.

It was a once in a lifetime holiday – we had some amazing experiences and met some wonderful people.  This photo was the view we had from the pool – not bad hey!

It makes me so sad to hear of all of the trouble in Kenya at the moment – it is somewhere I would love to go back to one day with my family and share those amazing experiences with them, however, that seems to be ever more unlikely.

K could be for nothing else!


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